Pastor’s Vision

“Hello friends. Welcome to the New Covenant Church. What a great honor to have an opportunity to communicate with you in this manner. The New Covenant Church is always open to those seeking to know and get a better understanding of God and His Son, Jesus Christ. We believe that the Holy Bible is true, and by following the standards that God has given us we will see Him in peace at His coming in the First Resurrection. Therefore, my vision for this ministry is to build on the same foundation of Christ that I have been placed; to lift up Christ with a clean life by keeping myself unspotted before the world; and to be a light to follow as we spread the gospel of Christ and win souls for His glory. I continually teach my congregation to make a stronger commitment each day to focus on the Lord and His goodness; to follow His commandments; and to love all nations.”

“My goal as the under-shepherd of this work is to continually motivate God’s people to work as a TEAM where everyone plays their part on the missionary field so that the preaching of the gospel can be used to win souls for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; thereby enabling us to continue to rejoice in the Holy Ghost until the Lord comes to take us home!”

“I look forward to visiting with you soon. Please take some time and view our site. We strive to be a benefit to our community and take great pleasure in pleasing God.”

Sincerely, Pastor Eddie E. Willis, Sr.