Doctrine & Bylaws

As outlined in our Doctrine and Bylaws, we believe the following:

Excerpts from the Roland James Allen Evangelical Association Doctrine and Bylaws

  1. Jesus Christ is the Supreme Ruler of God’s Invisible, Immortal Kingdom – We believe that Jesus Christ, who is exalted over all the powers of men and angels, is the head of God’s Church in this present world.
  2. The Holy Spirit is the Working God in the Trinity – We believe in the mighty working power of the Holy Spirit which is sent from heaven to bear witness that the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit agree as one.
  3. The Office of the Bishop – The work of overseeing all of the activities of the RJAEA, which includes the establishing of New Covenant Churches, shall be under the supervision of a Bishop…
  4. Power to Open or Close Churches – The Board of Trustees of the RJAEA may at its discretion open or close any New Covenant Church established by said board as the Holy Spirit dictates.
  5. The Ordination and Licensing Procedure for a Minister – The man desiring to be ordained and licensed to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ must let his desire be known to the Bishop of the Association.
  6. Concerning the Minister’s Financial Welfare – It shall be the responsibility of the Association to provide financial assistance for the chief minister and/or associate ministers when necessary.
  7. The Minister’s Power from God in Extending the Right Hand of Fellowship to the Saints of God and Extending the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, to the Lost Sinners on Earth.  – We believe that after Jesus Christ is received as Lord and Savior in a believer’s heart, the right hand of fellowship should be extended by the household of God on earth.
  8. Withdrawing the Right Hand of Fellowship from a Brother or Sister – We believe that there are three ways to withdraw the right hand of fellowship from a saint.
  9. The Baptism of the Holy Ghost is Spiritual Deliverance from Sin and Death ­ – After lost sinners receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and become convicted of all the sins they have committed, the believer is not in a position, for the first tie, to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  10. Water Baptism is the Fulfillment of the Scriptures – We believe that Christians must obey the Holy Scriptures. Therefore after salvation, Christians should be baptized in water.
  11. The Lord’s Supper – We believe that we should partake of the Lord’s Supper even as Jesus and his disciples did.
  12. Washing the Saint’s Feet – We believe that we should was the feet of the saints of God, not feeling that this is an element of salvation, but knowing that we have already received salvation.
  13. Sanctification Holiness, and Perfection… The Soul and the Spirit to be Preserved Without Blame – We believe that after salvation, it is essential to live a sanctified and holy life.
  14. Sickness and Healing – We believe in the divine healing through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit.
  15.  Missionary Work and Helping Our Brothers and Sisters who are in Need – We believe that all Christians should do missionary work for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  16. The Collection of the Saints – We believe that Jesus Christ’s Church should be governed by his people. The minister should designate a certain group of honest and reliable Christian men to take care of the business of the Church and the material needs of the Minister, having as their guide, the dictates of the Holy Spirit.
  17. Serving God Willingly – God and his Son, Jesus Christ do not use their heavenly power to make mankind do his will on earth. God only asks man to do it.
  18. The Married and the Unmarried Christians – We believe that a man and woman who are saved and in love with each other should marry to avoid fornication.
  19. The Last Rites of the Dead Saints – We believe that we should commit the dead bodies of our saved loved ones to the earth again, thus completing the cycle of life (from earth we were made and to earth we must return).
  20. The Resurrection of All the Dead Saints and of All the Dead Sinners – We believe in the resurrection of the dead saints and sinners.
  21. The End of This World and The Judgment Day – We believe that in due time, God will send his Holy Angel from Heaven and declare that time shall be no more.
  22. A New Heaven and A New Earth – We believe that Jesus Christ has already prepared a place in Heaven for the Saints of God.
  23. Hell and the Lake of Fire – We believe that there is a Hell now and that there will be a Lake of Fire where the wicked shall be punished eternally, at the end of the world.