When Life Hurts, Jesus Heals

In our world today there are many conflicting ways to solve issues in life. Are you trying a restore a troubled marriage or relationship?  Are you trying to cure loneliness?  Are you trying to find meaning in life?  Other life issues consist of a troubled heart, youth and teen troubles, substance abuse, unemployment issues, health problems and the cross roads in your life. These are universal problems so you are not alone.  Many may turn to temporary pleasures, substance abuse and immoral behavior as a refuge from life’s storms.  Peace and true comfort are only found in Jesus Christ.

Through our Pastoral Ministry, you can receive counseling that will guide you with the healing of a troubled heart, help you cope with youth and teen issues, strengthen you to overcome substance abuse,  encourage employment confidence, give you faith to be healed of an illness,  and help give you answers to the meaning of your life. Remember, “When Life Hurts, Jesus Heals”.

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